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How it works

Cost-effective recruitment

Our modular recruitment offering is designed with SME organisations in mind. Allowing you the service of an expert recruiter, but at a price you can afford. By splitting the traditional recruitment process into three simple modules, plus the option of adding an assessment module, you can pay for the level of service you need. With all modules paid on an upfront basis, we're able to offer you a substantial saving compared to traditional recruitment agency fees.

Is this for me?

We find our service works best for head office, professional roles with a salary of £30,000 upwards. You decide and pay upfront for the level of service you require. Whether that's creating a compelling advert and conducting initial screening or simply seeking out those hidden candidates. We then set to work finding you the best people while saving you money in the process.

Our modules


Attracting the right candidate is the most vital part of the recruitment process, and one that is very easy to get wrong. We will get your job in front of the right people.


Reviewing CVs, conducting initial assessments, and managing rejections to unsuccessful applicants, not only takes time, but a keen eye to be able to spot the ideal candidate among the masses.


It takes time and effort to find hidden or passive job seekers. We conduct a more thorough search and assessment of potential candidates to find those hidden gems.


The cost of getting recruitment decisions wrong is high. Assessment tools will allow you to make a more informed decision and minimise the risk of a poor recruitment choices.