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Finding the needle in the haystack

With many jobs receiving upwards of 100 applications, reviewing each CV, conducting initial assessments, and managing rejections to unsuccessful applicants, not only takes time, but a keen eye to be able to spot the ideal candidate among the masses.
As part of our modular recruitment service, our select module gives you the benefit of our expertise at a price you can afford. At just £950 it represents a cost-effective way to help you spot the needle in the haystack of applications. If you want help with other aspects of the recruitment service, you can combine with any of our other three modules to suit you and your budget.

What's included

CV assessment
Telephone interviews
Candidate management
Short-listed candidates

We will assess each application in detail, taking into account not only the core skills and experience you require, but also cultural and team fit. From the initial applications we will compile a long-list of suitable candidates.

One of our senior consultants will call each long-listed candidate to further assess their suitability for the role.  This will help us hone our list of potential new recruits, but also gives you more detailed information on all candidates.

With a large number of applications for every job, the majority of applicants are going to be disappointed.  Managing rejections is an essential part of the recruitment process, that many people neglect.  We believe that all applications deserve a response, even if it is a no.  Which is why we will manage this important, but often overlooked part of the recruitment process for you.

We will supply you with a short-list of no more than 10 suitable applicants for you to then arrange interviews, or you can combine with any of our other modules for a more comprehensive recruitment service.

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