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It is a well known fact amongst recruiters that that the best candidates are often those that aren’t actively seeking a new role and it takes time and effort to find these hidden or passive job seekers.
As part of our modular recruitment service, our search module gives you the benefit of our expertise at a price you can afford. At just £1,500 it represents a cost-effective way to help you seek out that ideal candidate. If you want help with other aspects of the recruitment service, you can combine with any of our other three modules to suit you and your budget.

What's included

Advanced search
Face-to-face interviews
Interview ready candidates

Social media has made it easier to find and connect with candidates. However, as with all recruitment activity, it takes time and skill to seek out those with the right combination of skills and experience. And then there is the task of convincing them that your role is the right move for them.

The main aspects of the search module is a highly detailed search of LinkedIn and relevant CV databases, ranging from our own to those dedicated to a specific profession or industry. We will long-list all relevant candidates and make initial contact to gauge their interest in, and suitability for your role.

Where we think it is relevant we will run a direct mail campaign targeting all suitable candidates within our database.  As standard all vacancies we recruit for will be posted on our blog, website and we will send a targeted email campaign to generate the highest number of responses.

As well as the initial telephone interviews as part of the Select module, we will conduct more detailed competency based interviews via Skype with each candidate.  Allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of their skills, experience and performance under pressure.

We will supply you with a short-list of no more than six suitable applicants, accompanied with detailed interview notes, as well as our recommendations as to those you should prioritise.

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