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Attracting the best candidates

Attracting the right candidate is the most vital part of the recruitment process, and one that is very easy to get wrong. It’s like trying to find romance, you have to be in the right place, at the right time, and have something that they find attractive.
As part of our modular recruitment service, our attract module gives you the benefit of our expertise at a price you can afford. At just £850 it represents a cost-effective way to ensure your recruitment advertising is as good as it can be. If you want help with other aspects of the recruitment service, you can combine with any of our other three modules to suit you and your budget.

What's included

Advert creation
Posting on relevant job boards
CVs straight to your inbox

Writing a job advert, is more than simply regurgitating the job description or listing the main responsibilities and experience required. It takes skill, and needs to be approached with careful thought and consideration.

An advert should be written in a way that it attracts potential candidates, highlights why they want to work for you, why this job is perfect for them. Our consultants undergo regular training from advertising specialists and our adverts attract a significantly higher number of quality applications than many of our larger counterparts.

As Kirsty and Phil keep telling us, it’s all about location. Having a beautifully crafted advert is brilliant, but not if nobody can see it. We will post your advert on the most popular and relevant job boards, tailoring the advertising package to best suit your role and organisation. As we purchase a large amount of advertising space we have more buying power, which we will leverage to save you money, typically circa £1,000. To buy the same advertising direct, for most of the roles we recruit for, would typically cost in the region of £2,000.

As soon as we start receiving applications from candidates we will direct them to you for assessment, or you can combine with any of our other modules for a more comprehensive recruitment service.

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