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Making the right decision

The cost of getting recruitment decisions wrong can be counted in more than just pounds and pence. It’s the hours and minutes spent on interviewing candidates and inducting your new starter. Plus there is the added disruption it can cause to your team, department or organisation.
As part of our modular recruitment service, our assess module gives you the benefit of our expertise at a price you can afford. Priced according to your need it represents a cost-effective way to help you ensure you make the right recruitment decision. If you want help with other aspects of the recruitment service, you can combine with any of our other three modules to suit you and your budget.

What's included

Assessment process
Experienced support
Psychometric testing
Impartial view

While a multi-stage interview process will help you decide on the best candidate, at times something more thorough is required. What this consists of depends on numerous factors, from the seniority of the role to the number of applicants you wish to assess.

One of our experienced consultants will take a full brief to gain an understanding of the role and the key skills you need.  They will then design you a robust assessment process fully tailored to the role and your organisation.

While we will supply you with everything you need to conduct the assessment, should you need it our consultant will also be on hand during the assessment, to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Psychometric tests fall into two main categories. Personality questionnaires, which try to measure aspects of a candidate’s personality, and aptitude tests which try to measure their intellectual and reasoning abilities. There are many different options available, we will suggest the best combination for the role in question, manage the process and feedback to both you and the candidates on the results. Combine this with one or all of our other modules and you will receive a high quality recruitment service, but at a price you can afford.

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