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Recruit any head office role for as little as £850

We’re like to do recruitment a little differently, help you find the top talent, while substantially cutting your recruitment spend. Each of our modules offer a high level of service, but at a price you can afford. They give you the chance to only pay for the elements you need, whether that’s simply creating a pipeline of CVs for you to manage yourself to a full consultancy service that includes pro-active headhunting


Attracting the right candidate is the most vital part of the recruitment process, and one that is very easy to get wrong. It’s like trying to find romance, you have to be in the right place, at the right time, and have something that they find attractive.

Market leading advertising

We will create a compelling job advert. The high quality of our adverts means we attract significantly more applications than many major recruiters.

Location, location, location

We will post your role on key job boards, specifically chosen with your role in mind, therefore maximising the number of strong applications.

Saving you money

As we purchase a large amount of advertising space we have more buying power, which we will leverage to save you money, typically circa £1,000.

CVs straight to your inbox

As soon as we start receiving applications from candidates we will direct them to you for assessment


With many jobs receiving upwards of 100 applications, reviewing each CV, conducting initial assessments, and managing rejections to unsuccessful applicants, not only takes time, but a keen eye to be able to spot the ideal candidate among the masses.

CV assessment

We will assess each application against your key criteria, while taking cultural and team fit into account.

Telephone interviews

We will call each long-listed candidate to further assess their suitability for the role.

Candidate management

We believe that all applications deserve a response, even if it is a no. We will manage all communication for both successful and unsuccessful candidates


We will supply you with a short-list of no more than 10 suitable applicants for you to then arrange interviews.


It is a well known fact amongst recruiters that that the best candidates are often those that aren’t actively seeking a new role and it takes time and effort to find these hidden or passive job seekers. If you want a more thorough search and assessment of potential candidates then our Search Module can help.

Advanced search

We will conduct a highly detailed search of LinkedIn and relevant CV databases, ranging from our own to those dedicated to a specific profession or industry.


We will promote your vacancy via our blog, website and email as well as sending direct mails where relevant.

Face-to-face interviews

We will conduct a detailed competency based interviews via Skype with each candidate.

Interview ready candidates

We will supply you with a short-list of no more than six suitable applicants


The cost of getting recruitment decisions wrong can be counted in more than just pounds and pence. It’s the hours and minutes spent on interviewing candidates and inducting your new starter. Plus there is the added disruption it can cause to your team, department or organisation. Our Assess Module will allow you to make a more informed decision and minimise the risk of a poor recruitment choices.

Assessment process

Our consultant will design you a robust assessment process fully tailored to the role and your organisation.

Experienced support

While we will supply you with everything you need to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Psychometric testing

We will suggest the best tests for the role, manage the process and feedback on the results.

Impartial view

Our assessors are totally impartial and want you to hire the best person for the role and your organisation, not just our candidate.

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