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Modular Recruitment

Recruitment made simple

We understand the time and effort it takes to get recruitment right, and the specialist skills involved. Whether it’s being able to write a compelling job advert or reading between the lines of a CV to find that ideal candidate, it is something that many organisations struggle to do effectively. While outsourcing to expert recruitment agencies resolves these issues, for others the costs involved means this isn’t an option.
This is why we’re looking to do recruitment differently, our cost effective modular recruitment solutions, start from as little as £850. Each of our modules offer the same high level of service as traditional contingent recruitment, but at a price you can afford. They give you the chance to only pay for the elements you need, whether that’s simply creating a pipeline of CVs for you to manage yourself to a full consultancy service that includes pro-active headhunting.

The basics

We have split the traditional recruitment offering into three easy to understand modules, plus the option of an additional assessment module. You simply choose the modules you require, pay up-front and we will get to work. Saving you around 50-70% compared to an average agency fee. These savings are increased if you’re recruiting for two or more people into the same role. We charge for the service, not for the candidates you find. So, the price is the same regardless of the number of people you go on to employ.

Why choose us

Cost efficient

Starting at £850 we could save you 90% when compared to a traditional agency.


Just need help with advertising or a detailed search, no worries. Just pay for the level of service you require.


We understand recruitment, with over 20 years experience we know how to find the best people.

Our Modules


Attracting the right candidate is the most vital part of the recruitment process, and one that is very easy to get wrong. We will get your job infront of the right people.


Reviewing CVs, conducting initial assessments, and managing rejections to unsuccessful applicants, not only takes time, but a keen eye to be able to spot the ideal candidate among the masses.


It takes time and effort to find hidden or passive job seekers. We conduct a more thorough search and assessment of potential candidates to find those hidden gems.


The cost of getting recruitment decisions wrong is high. Assessment tools will allow you to make a more informed decision and minimise the risk of a poor recruitment choices.