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Why December is a great time to look for a job..

You say the word December and I bet Christmas and all it’s trimmings is the first thing that springs to most people’s minds. I imagine looking for a new job isn’t high on many to-do lists at this time of year. But here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to look for a new job…

1. There are still jobs out there – just because it’s December and Christmas is on its way, it doesn’t mean everything comes to a standstill. In fact there are still plenty of jobs out there and organisations looking to recruit.

2. Less competition – while the decision to look for a new job might seem a very personal decision, based on lots of different factors. When you look at it from a national point of view there are seasonal peaks and dips where more people are on the market for a new role. January being one of the busiest times. So start looking in December and not only will you have less competition for roles, you’ll also be ahead of all those January job seekers.

3. Pressure to wrap everything up before Christmas – there is nothing like an impeding break from the office to put the pressure on to get everything signed, sealed and delivered. This is definitely the case at Christmas, with candidates potentially out of the office and unreachable for 2 weeks getting those interviews done and offers out in December, means that new starters could potentially be in place by mid-late Jan.

4. Networking a plenty – whether it’s drinks, dinner or a coffee with customers, suppliers or colleagues, December is certainly a social time. Take advantage of this and use these more informal gatherings to network your way to your next job. Often the best way to find a new role is via your extended network. So don’t be afraid to talk a little bit of shop at any festive gatherings.

Take a break over Christmas if you like, but don’t assume that you can’t get a new job in December. Keep applying, interviewing and networking until the minute you accept a new position. Don’t let these last weeks of the year go to waste!

‘Why December is a great time to look for a new job…’ was written by Ian Gooden, CEO Chiumento Group. If you like what you’ve read why not follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and read all our future advice and musings on the world of work.

Countdown to Christmas

Now the cobwebs have been cleared from Halloween and the fireworks of Bonfire Night have well and truly whizzed and banged we can start to talk about Christmas….

While for many it’s still too far away to think about, it has a habit of creeping up on you. Before you know it, you’re running around the shops on the 24th December in a desperate bid to buy the perfect gift.  Like present buying, finding the perfect candidate takes time and effort. If you want a new employee ready to start in the New Year, then now is the time to start thinking about recruitment.

Make sure you don’t miss out on making that crucial hire during the run up to Christmas. Follow our week-by-week guide and your new recruit will be hired before the festivities begin and ready to start in the New Year.

Give us a call today on 077111 99816 and kick start the recruitment process or drop us an email info@chiumento-recruitment.uk and we’ll call you back.


Being prepared for GDPR. I don’t mind admitting it… my boss was right.

My boss and I have always had a pretty healthy work relationship and over the years we have had plenty of disagreements. He is very good at playing devil’s advocate and there have been a number of things that we have disagreed on. I have always been grateful for an environment where I can challenge and be challenged.

He comes from a background of strong internal recruitment experience and I have always worked on the agency side of the fence. One of our different views for example, is around online application forms. I think they should be as short as possible so that we don’t put people off applying for roles. He takes the view that we should make the process more involved so that we end up with candidates that are serious about applying.

It is a fair viewpoint, but I always maintain that if candidates are applying to a specific business, they are already bought in to some degree. They will be more willing to take time over applying when they know who the employer is. Agency recruiters don’t have that luxury and this is why I think our application process should be as easy as possible. This is an ongoing debate that we still have to agree to disagree on.

Recently, Chiumento changed the applicant tracking system that we use. In the past, we have made use of a very well-known system used primarily by internal recruiters rather than agencies. There was no inbuilt CRM system that allowed us to hold both client and candidate data. When we started using the first system there was little in the way of cloud-based applicant tracking systems so we were limited with our options.

When selecting a new vendor, the most important thing for any system from our perspective is that applicants could be directed to an online application form. The fundamental reason for this is that we wanted to make sure that every candidate that applies to one of our roles, agrees to our data protection policy. This was low down my list of priorities but top of my boss’. Turns out he was spot on!

6 years ago when we started getting candidates to apply and agree to our data policy, I took the view that it was a bit over the top. I was not aware of many recruitment agencies that went to these lengths. As of next May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect and agencies will no longer be able to hold a candidate’s personal data without their express permission. This is going to hit most recruitment businesses really hard as they will have massive chunks of their candidate database wiped out. It is really going to hurt the recruitment industry.

Most of the main systems used by recruitment businesses do not provide the capacity for candidates to agree to an agency’s data protection policy and because of this, they will no longer be allowed to hold this data. This is a massive failing on the part of technology providers and recruitment businesses themselves. It is going to seriously damage the level of service that this industry is able to provide. Clients go to recruiters for their little black book of candidates but these books are about to get a lot smaller.

Thanks to my boss’ attention to detail, GDPR will not affect us in the slightest as every candidate on our database has signed up to our data protection policy. Clients will continue to get the same great service from us without any impact from these changes.

We strongly urge you to look at your own application processes if you have not already and if you would like some advice, please do feel free to give us a call. We are very happy to help and talk you through our own approach if this would be useful.

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Employment Law Update – Autumn 2017

We know that it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest changes to employment law. Which is why we have asked legal experts, Gateley Plc, to produce an Employment Law Update covering the key changes that took affect this autumn.

This edition covers the legal implications of our exit from the EU and the impact this will have on EU workers and those employing them. Plus the upcoming changes to data protection laws (GDPR), the ‘gig’ economy and the impact the recent ruling against Uber and the status of it’s drivers.  Along with details of changes to costs for employment tribunals.

This is followed by real life examples of the law in practice including discrimination during the recruitment process, including overtime when calculating holiday pay, plus whistleblowing.

Download the full report here.

Is your job search turning into a nightmare?

Looking for a new job can be as scary as it is exciting… Make sure yours doesn’t turn into the stuff of nightmares and keep your job search on track this Halloween and take the fright out of your job hunt.


  1. I know what you did last summer – social media is a brilliant tool when searching for a new role and a great way to showcase your achievements, but make sure it doesn’t show more than you want. Many recruiters will look at candidates’ profiles before their interview, they are human too and will make an opinion based on what they see.Check your profile security settings, especially on more personal networks such as Facebook.  Otherwise the interviewer will not only know what you did last summer, but also 2,3 and 4 summers ago. Here’s our guide to making sure social media doesn’t come back to haunt you


  1. Saw you’ve survived the initial informal chat with the recruiter, passed the telephone interview with flying colours, now you’ve been called to the next stage. You’ve been set the task of presenting your thoughts on X,Yor Z. It can feel like an evil game, one where you’ve got to do the unspeakable to be in with a chance of winning and beating your fellow candidates.  But never fear, it doesn’t have to be a blood bath, here are our top tips for preparing and performing a winning interview presentation.


  1. The Shining – when looking for a new role it is tempting to take the first job you’re offered. But think carefully before you do…  If you’re working full time you spend more of your waking hours at work than you do at home. Doing a job you don’t like is enough to send you crazy and have you wanting to kill your colleagues.  Here are our tips on what you should consider before accepting a job offer.


  1. Misery – you’ve applied for roles, even had interviews and not got the result you want? Don’t turn into a psychotic stalker.  Calling the recruiter or hiring manager on a daily basis, emailing them constantly or bugging them on LinkedIn isn’t going to help your situation. While they may humour you for a while it will certainly make them reconsider hiring or working with you in the future. Frustrating as it is when things don’t go your way there might be a reason, read more about why you might not have got the job.

If you’re looking for a new job this autumn don’t become a nightmare candidate, cast your magic and become the candidate of their dreams…