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How to work out your notice period in style

Found a new job and given in your notice? Feels good doesn't it.  But before you can get too excited about starting your new job you've got your notice period to work through.

While you're most likely over the moon, don't be surprised if everyone doesn't have the same enthusiasm for your new role.  You might find some resentment, anger or disappointment from your colleagues and/or managers.  So how to you survive your notice period?

  1. Keep it under control - try not to mention the fact that you're leaving at every opportunity, or go on about how great/so much better your new role will be, how fantastic the team seem and that you're going to be paid so much more. This won't win you any friends with your current colleagues and managers.  Obviously, you can discuss it when asked, but try to stick to the basic details.
  2. Learn to let go - don't be surprised if you find yourself being left out of things you'd normally be involved in. Whether that's not being asked your opinion, others giving approval or not being invited to key meetings.  If you're not going to be around when a project is finished, for example, then it doesn't make sense to include you in meetings about it. Don't take it personally, it's just common sense.  You won't be doing your job much longer so you're going to have to learn to let go and let others take over your responsibilities.
  3. Be nice - the world is a very small place. While you might love to finally tell George in accounts what you think of him, or tell everyone that your incompetent boss was the real reason you're leaving - don't.  You never know when you might need your soon-to-be ex-colleagues again. You want to leave with their respect and your reputation intact.
  4. Be considerate - when you know you're leaving it's tempting to totally take your foot off the pedal and do as little work as possible. But whatever you don't do, somebody will have to.  Be considerate to your fellow workers and do as much as you can to tie up any lose ends before you leave. Leave detailed handover notes for anything you can't finish.

It's a tricky time and it can be hard to maintain motivation for a role you've decided to leave. But remember your notice period is the lasting impression your colleagues will have of you.  So make sure it's a positive one, of a punctual, considerate, motivated and enthusiastic worker, as you never know when your paths might cross again in the future...

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