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5 tips for writing an effective job advert

January sees many people putting their New Year’s resolutions into practice and finding themselves a new job.  Which means that at this time of year there are more employers trying to attract the best candidates on the market, making the competition for the most talented individuals even more fierce.

There is a wealth of advice for job seekers on how to make their CV stand out, but as a recruiter how can you make sure that your role stands out from the crowd and attracts the best applicants.

Here are our 5 tips for writing a successful job advert

  1. Think about the job title
    Surely a job title is just a job title? It’s not always the case, in the online world where candidates will start their job search by using specific search terms such as HR Manager or Marketing Assistant, having an ambiguous or wacky job title will limit the number of people that can find your role.Try to keep the job title as close to the actual role the candidate will be performing as possible.  While Chief Happiness Officer might sound interesting, it won’t appear in searches for those actually looking for a Head of HR role and will potentially attract a large number of unsuitable applications.
  2. Don’t focus on your organisation, focus on the job – many adverts we read disproportionately focus on the organisation. Going into great detail about its history, future growth plans, their product/service offering, customers etc. While this might be interesting, it can waste valuable space.  Job seekers are just that, seeking a job – not a company to invest in.  While it is obviously important to cover the key facts about your organisation, so the candidate wants to work for you.  If the role, its responsibilities etc aren’t covered in enough detail and early in the advert, you will struggle to attract the right people.
  3. Make it compelling – there is the easy (or is it lazy?) way to write a job advert. Simply copy and paste the job description.  However, don’t forget your job advert is just that, an advert. It is a piece of advertising and should be treated a such.  It’s should highlight the key features of the role, giving strong reasons as to why a potential candidate should apply.  Remember it is as much about selling the role to the candidate, as it will about them selling themselves to you. Talk about outcomes and not just responsibilities… For example ‘you will transform the current L&D offering and reduce the reliance on external training’ compared to ‘you will be responsible for updating and improving all internal training.’
  1. Don’t ask for everything – when hiring it is easy to have an expansive list of skills, experiences, and qualifications that you require from your future employee, however, it is highly unlikely that you’ll find a candidate that can tick every one of them.Before you start sit down and categorise them into essential (can’t do the job without it), preferred and ‘nice to have but not essential’. This will easily show you which should, and shouldn’t, be included in any job advert.  It’s been documented that women in particular will only apply for roles where they match 100% of the criteria,( Read more here) so by just including those requirements that are essential your role will appeal to a wider audience.
  2. Put your self in their shoes – just as we tell our candidates to read their CV as if they were recruiting for the role, read the advert as if you were a candidate.  Would you want the job, have you hit all the key points and included important information such as benefits, bonuses, location? Does it sound like an interesting role with future opportunities?  Now’s the time to make the amends and get your advert spot on!

At Chiumento we’re proud of our ability to write job adverts that attract a greater number of candidates than many of our competitors manage.   If you’d like help with advertising your vacancy, then why not take advantage of our modular recruitment offering. For £850 our Advertising module includes the writing of your job advert, posting it on relevant job boards (saving you typically around £1,000) we will acknowledge every application before forwarding all CVs to you for consideration.

If you require a more comprehensive recruitment service, then please get in touch to discuss our assessment and search modules or our contingency based recruitment offering.  T: 077111 99816  E: tom.gale@chiumento.co.uk


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