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Is it time to give your career a spring clean?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and spring is defiantly in the air. So is it time to give your career a spring clean? Dust the cob webs off your CV and give your career a fresh start? Here are our top signs that you’re in need of a change.


  1. Boredom is setting in – starting a new job, is like starting a new relationship. It’s exciting, it’s new, everything about it is fun and interesting. Fast forward a few years and that all changes, everything becomes comfortable. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if your job is starting to bore you, the thought of coming to work makes you groan, or worse, cry. Then that is a sure-fire sign that you’re in need of a change
  2. You’re not learning anymore – if completing your role doesn’t challenge you, or give you any opportunity to learn then it will start to become boring. It is possible to ‘outgrow’ a role and become too good at it. Time to think about what your next step might look like, whether that’s an internal or external move.
  3. Everyone has gone, except your boss – people progress at different rates, but if it feels like all your colleagues have either been promoted or moved on and you’re the only one left doing the same job then this should send out alarm signals. Why haven’t you moved on and is it time to go? Or is your immediate boss a company loyalist, who is highly unlikely to leave in the foreseeable future? While long-service is a sign of a good organisation, if it is hindering your opportunity to progress you need to look outside of your department or organisation if you want to move up the ladder.
  4. You don’t feel like you fit – every organisation has its own culture and set of values. However, these evolve over time and can change quickly following reorganisation or changes in senior management. If you feel that your face no longer fits, that the company values no longer reflect your own or that the working environment isn’t one you’re comfortable in. Then it is time for a change, you spend more of your week at work than at home, so it’s important that it is somewhere you feel comfortable.
  5. Money is becoming an issue – although money isn’t everything, if your pay isn’t at a level that can sustain your lifestyle then you’ve two options. You can reduce your outgoings or increase your incomings. Before you do anything rash, do your research. There are plenty of websites that will tell you the average salary of someone with your experience, many often break it down by region to give a more accurate figure. Speak to a recruiter and see what the demand is like, they’ll be able to give perhaps a more detailed account of the salary and benefits on offer. Moving for money alone is never a good idea, so if you love your job then speak to your manager about a potential pay rise or any additional responsibilities you can take on before you jump ship.

If you’re nodding your head while reading these then don’t delay and give you career the spring clean it needs.. If you do decide to kick start your job search here are some useful tips to get you help you on your way. What you should do before you start your search, CV writing tips and how to keep your job search hush hush plus advice on acing a telephone interview.

For more information on how we can help with any of your HR recruitment needs, whether you want to add to your HR team or take the next step in your HR career then please do get in touch.


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