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Since our beginnings over 20 years ago we have always looked to break the mould and challenge the traditional approach, with the aim of providing a contemporary, expert and personalised service.

Modular Recruitment

We have a refreshing approach to recruitment and like to do things differently.  We know that finding the right people can be hard and that traditional recruitment is expensive.  So, we have split our recruitment services into individual modules, allowing you to only pay for what you need. The same expert service, at a new fairer price.


The cost of getting recruitment decisions wrong is high. Not just in terms of money and time, but also the added disruption it can cause. We offer a range of assessment services, from psychometric tests to bespoke assessment days. All are designed to help you to make a more informed decision and minimise the risk of a poor recruitment choice.


We have three distinct outplacement offerings. The short, sharp technology-led Accelerator programmes get people job ready fast. All Inclusive programmes include everything a job seeker would need. Executive outplacement programmes provide the breadth and level of support to help the most senior people in their transition.

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