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We believe there is a better way of recruiting, a way that gives a better service and experience to both our clients and candidates. With traditional multi-agency recruitment there is a lot of wasted effort, most recruiters will only sucessfully place a candidate in 25% of the roles they work on. Which is why we prefer to work on an exclusive or modular basis, it means we can invest our time in doing a better job. And charge you less in the process.

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HR Recruitment

We have been recruiting into the world of HR for over 20 years, during that time we've built up a wealth of expertise. Whether you're looking for a L&D specialist, a HRD or an Assistant we can help.

Modular Recruitment

Modular recruitment offers a high level of service, at a price you can afford. Covering all head office roles each module gives you the chance to only pay for the elements you need, whether that’s simply creating a pipeline of CVs to a full consultancy service.

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