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Commercially different

In 2013 we set ourselves the challenge of being commercially different. If the truth be told not much had changed in commercial recruitment since the 1980’s. And we increasingly saw the flaws in the accepted commercial model. Particularly around the “Russian roulette” of multi-agency resourcing.

We work on fewer vacancies but fill more

Our emerging argument went something like this: why do agencies need to charge fees of 15 or 20% – perhaps even more – to place a candidate? The answer, we decided, was because so much of the work they do goes unrewarded. Even the best performing businesses often work on the reality of converting perhaps one in three or four of the jobs they work on. Which means 65-75% of all their effort is wasted.

Now we think that’s bad business for all sorts of reasons. Not least that all that wasted time could have been invested in improving client service and candidate experience. Two areas agencies are constantly criticised over. Too many plates spinning equals a lot of broken crockery…

So we thought here’s an idea. What if we save all that wasted time? That way would we could charge less and yet deliver better experiences. Simply because we need to work on fewer asssignments to deliver the same revenue. “Simples” as a certain meerkat would say.

It’s a win win situation

So we decided to be commercially different and cut our fees. You see if we work on assignments exclusively everyone wins. As many of our existing customers have already discovered.

We will work on a multi-agency basis if you insist. Our fees are just increased to reflect the fact our relationship isn’t exclusive. That applies to both permanent and interim assignments.

So why not be brave like us and try something commercially different? You can decide at any time to brief more agencies if you think we aren’t delivering. We think that’s highly unlikely but it gives you peace of mind when you use us for the first time.


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