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Is your job search turning into a nightmare?

Looking for a new job can be as scary as it is exciting… Make sure yours doesn’t turn into the stuff of nightmares and keep your job search on track this Halloween and take the fright out of your job hunt.


  1. I know what you did last summer – social media is a brilliant tool when searching for a new role and a great way to showcase your achievements, but make sure it doesn’t show more than you want. Many recruiters will look at candidates’ profiles before their interview, they are human too and will make an opinion based on what they see.Check your profile security settings, especially on more personal networks such as Facebook.  Otherwise the interviewer will not only know what you did last summer, but also 2,3 and 4 summers ago. Here’s our guide to making sure social media doesn’t come back to haunt you


  1. Saw you’ve survived the initial informal chat with the recruiter, passed the telephone interview with flying colours, now you’ve been called to the next stage. You’ve been set the task of presenting your thoughts on X,Yor Z. It can feel like an evil game, one where you’ve got to do the unspeakable to be in with a chance of winning and beating your fellow candidates.  But never fear, it doesn’t have to be a blood bath, here are our top tips for preparing and performing a winning interview presentation.


  1. The Shining – when looking for a new role it is tempting to take the first job you’re offered. But think carefully before you do…  If you’re working full time you spend more of your waking hours at work than you do at home. Doing a job you don’t like is enough to send you crazy and have you wanting to kill your colleagues.  Here are our tips on what you should consider before accepting a job offer.


  1. Misery – you’ve applied for roles, even had interviews and not got the result you want? Don’t turn into a psychotic stalker.  Calling the recruiter or hiring manager on a daily basis, emailing them constantly or bugging them on LinkedIn isn’t going to help your situation. While they may humour you for a while it will certainly make them reconsider hiring or working with you in the future. Frustrating as it is when things don’t go your way there might be a reason, read more about why you might not have got the job.

If you’re looking for a new job this autumn don’t become a nightmare candidate, cast your magic and become the candidate of their dreams…

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