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How to use LinkedIn to recruit…

For seasoned recruiters LinkedIn has been a part of their go-to tool kit for many years. As the world’s largest professional network with over 400 million users across the globe, there are a lot of potential candidates out there.  But just like being able to read between the lines of a CV, finding the people you need takes time and effort.

Here are our insider tips to get your recruitment off on the right track..

  1. Preparation – before you start to use LinkedIn to attract candidates make sure you’ve got the basics in order. Does your organisation have a company page and is it up-to-date? This is your chance to showcase your organisation not only to clients but also to potential employees.  Remember it is as much about selling your company to candidates as it is about them impressing you.  So make sure you have relevant and current information about your products, services as well as an insight into your company culture.  It is a good idea to encourage current staff to follow and connect with your company profile.
  2. Look further – use the advanced search function to narrow down the number of potential candidates by location, job title, or specific key words. If you want to filter it further, those with a business account can access a greater number of filters to help produce a more targeted short list.  This should allow you to have a manageable list of people that you can then assess and potentially approach about your vacancy.
  3. Shout about it – your network of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections are your best advocates so tell them about your role. There are a number of ways you can promote your vacancy. A simple status update or a post is free and will appear in the news feed of your connections or for those with the budget to do so you can officially post a job and if required upgrade this to a sponsored job. This means it will be ‘suggested’ to suitable applicants and appear in their inbox.
  4. Join relevant groups – if there a specific group for your sector, profession or industry. Join them, this will not only give you an insight into what is happening,  you’ll be able to see who are the most active participants and give you a ready-made list of potentially suitable future employees.
  5. Research – the most obvious use of LinkedIn is the ability of researching possible candidates without needing to speak to them or have a copy of their CV.  In fact, this ability is a double-edged sword for many organisations, as although you can see, and approach those working for competitors. They can also poach your best staff.

At Chiumento we’re experts at finding that all elusive diamond in the rough and can help with your recruitment, whether it’s simply creating a pipeline of CVs that you can manage yourself to a full consultancy service that includes pro-active headhunting.  Our cost effective modular recruitment service starts at just £850 with a maximum combined fee of £2,550 for our Attract, Select and Search modules.

For more information on how we can help please do get in touch with Tom on 077111 99816 or email info@chiumento-recruitment.uk


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